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Stephanie Sagen, owner of Fantasy Paperhanging Inc. 239-213-1318

I have known Ann for over 20 years. Not only are we friends, but we have worked together on many occasions through some of the same clients. She is very dependable and trustworthy and I always feel comfortable recommending her to my clients knowing she will always provide a quality service.

Norman J. Gallivan II, Windstar on Naples Bay, Service for 2 years

I am thrilled with the condition of my condo. I really appreciate Ann and her team going beyond the normal cleaning, and helping me get organized. From the dresser drawers, to the closet and kitchen, what a fantastic job! My light fixtures look great too. I am very pleased. Thank you for your great work, Ann. I really appreciate it!

Dan Lyons, Naples Florida, service for 1 year

At the end of a long day at work, there is nothing better than coming home to a freshly cleaned house. Ann has always done an excellent job, no matter what mess we throw at them. Our wood floors are always shiny, the sheets are always crisp and folded, and the house always smells great. Over the years, we have had several different companies clean our house, but none of them have had the level of professionalism shown by My Naples Home Services. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Donna Hampton, Vineyards, Naples,

Service for 20 years

Ann, If I haven't told you lately let me do so now. You are a gem, a treasure and a rare find. You are so good at your job that you leave me happily speechless. you are such a dear to have our home always look so nice. We appreciate you so very much and thank you for taking such great care of us. You're the best! If you are ever feeling down please give me a call because I will be more than happy to boost your spirits with sincere compliments. Take care of yourself and know that you are appreciated.

Rebecca Atkinson, Leisure Pools Service for 2 years

Ann has always done a fantastic job not only on my home but at my place of business as well. It is such a pleasure to come home to a clean home after a long day at work and all the employees at Leisure Pools of Naples, Inc. appreciate coming into a clean and organized place of business. Ann is reliable, trustworthy and discrete. No matter what mess I leave them they do a great job in getting my home ready for the daily tasks, leaving me with time on my hands to do the other things in life more desirable than cleaning.

Marsha Thompson, Pelican Bay, Naples,

Service for 4 years

I don't know what we would have done without Ann through the hurricane season. Her Home Watch service has given us piece of mind. We look forward to her emails letting us know how are home is and taking such good care of us. She waters our plants, runs our cars, and sends us pictures of our home and more. It's as if we never left.

Sheila Feldman, Naples,

Service for 6 years

We enjoy knowing Ann is just a phone call away. Her housekeeping and home watch service together is a blessing for us since we come and go so frequently. While we are away they work on little household tasks completing things we never get a chance too. We appreciate her hard work and dedication. We also love the way the house looks and smells when we arrive, everything is organized and Ann always surprises us with the little things she does.

Agness Hall, Grey Oaks, Naples,

Service for 2 years

Ann Kamenicky and the team at My Naples Home Services have provided housekeeping services at my home for two years.

They are prompt, reliable and thorough. I can depend on them;

I found the girls to be honest and careful with my furnishings and items in my home as if it were their own. They are knowledgeable of products and techniques that deliver the best cleaning results. Ann has helped me with my catering and household events and is a strong asset to have at dinner parties. Ann manages the kitchen and food service with professional skills.

Judge Henry Saad, Charlston Square, Naples, Service for 4 years

We appreciate your excellent work, professional services and attention to detail!

Bill and Mildred Meyer, Park Shore,

Cleaning and Home Watch Service for 1 year

Thank you for your faithful, pro-active and dedicated home watch and cleaning service throughout the past year. Your being there helps relieve so much concern about the condo when we are up north. Couldn't do it without you!